So here I am sitting in my quiet little room, with the lights off and listening to some calming relaxing music, drinking some chai tea, eating a blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese and looking out the window at the beautiful snow that is falling today. The trees are all covered in snow, the branches are all covered in white puffy snow as the pine trees leaves drop a little lower because of all the heavy snow that has fallen on top of them. The ground is all covered in snow and so is everything else. Everything looks so beautiful and relaxing, that I’m just enjoying this moment. 

Goodbye 2012, as 2012 comes to an end, I must say how grateful I am for all the amazing things and blessings 2012 gave me. My life, my health, my family and my friends have been the biggest blessing in my life, and this year I came closer to all of them. I am at peace with myself, and I live life with love and gratitude and never take a second for granted. I learned many valuable lessons in life this year, that will allow me to grow in life. I look forward to the new year for I know it will be better then the previous with all the lessons learned. I wish all of you all the best in life and may you have the most wonderful year in 2013. Much Love 

-Jorge ♥
I would like to take a minute to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. I hope today and everyday of your life is filled with joy and happiness, love and warmth. Treasure all the little moments you have and make those memories last a lifetime. Be grateful for what you have and be open to allow more to come into your life. Life is so precious here on earth but yet so limited, but the love you create with others will live on forever. Love is not about how close you are physically to the one’s you love, it’s about how close to you are to the one’s you love in your heart, spirit and soul. The warmth of love can travel all across the world and touch those who you love the most so if you din't make it home for the Holidays don't be sad, for they are right there with you and that includes those who have left this earth, they might not be there with you physically but they are right by your side. I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, and I send so much love to all of you, stay safe, stay bless, be love, be joy, be hope, be life for you are the light of this world and you make it shine, Merry Christmas to you all, Feliz Navidad, Love

So it is the end of another exciting month that has been full of adventures and new beginnings. This month held a lot of cool things for, including my birthday which is a brand new start for new and cool things. Anyways for my last day of October I spend it with my bestie Anna. She invited me over to watch movies and help her pass out candy. She asked me to dress up only to find out she did not dress up at all and as you can tell by the photo I did it all Lady Bug style. Even tho no one came for candy we did get to see some TV and movies, including Alice and Wonderland. I came home late at night of course
So here are all the movies I saw for the month of October, a lot of them I saw with Anna, Much Love

-I Know Who Killed Me
-Shaun of the Dead
-Alice and Wonderland (2010)
-Think Like A Man
-Why Did I Get Married?
I made my first pumpkin jack o lantern yesterday. Here it is today with fake candles inside. Much Love


I'm in love with this gif of me. I am not used to seeing moving things of me posing so this is a little different then seeing photographs of me. I think it's really cool and I really like it, I hope you guys like it too, much love

So for September I din't get to watch as many movies as I usually do but here are the few that I got to watch, Much Love

-The Childrens Hour
-Madea’s Goes To Jail
-I Can Do Bad All By Myself
So today me and my friend Kendall hung out. We hang out a lot specially during the summer because we live so close to each other. The weather was really nice outside today so we decided to go out for a walk, but first we wen't to get some Chinese food so we could eat once we got to the park and then we wen't to the Holiday gas station to buy one of those Monster Energy drinks so we could have something to drink and wake us up seem's it was around 10 AM. After we got our Energy drinks we took our walk to a near by park that we walk to when it's nice outside. It's about a 30 minute walk to get there and when we get there we usually just go on the swings and play in the park. Anyways once we got to the park we sat at a table and eat our food. Once we were done we wen't and hung out at the swings and park and took all the crazy photos you see. After we were done hanging out at the park we went to Aldies to buy some Apple Sparkling Juice and then we walked over to her place and put in the freezer so it could be cold. After that we hung out in her living room, played the computer, watched TV and then when it was getting late we took out the Sparkling Juice and mixed it with our Monster Energy Drinks and drink it all. After that around 6:30 PM I came home because the sun was going to be setting in soon.
So here are the movies I watched in the month of August, some of these movies I haven't seen in a very long time, while other's I watched for the very first time, Much Love

College Road Trip
17 Again
What Happens In Vegas
Agent Cody Banks
Mean Girls 2
Beauty and The Briefcase
Lady and the Tramp
The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion,The Witch And The Wardrobe
Herbie Fully Loaded
My Girl
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Edward Handsissers
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
Send Me No Flowers
Alice and Wonderland