So here I am sitting in my quiet little room, with the lights off and listening to some calming relaxing music, drinking some chai tea, eating a blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese and looking out the window at the beautiful snow that is falling today. The trees are all covered in snow, the branches are all covered in white puffy snow as the pine trees leaves drop a little lower because of all the heavy snow that has fallen on top of them. The ground is all covered in snow and so is everything else. Everything looks so beautiful and relaxing, that I’m just enjoying this moment. 
Just a few minutes ago I saw a little puffy bird outside of my window at the ground and it looked at me, shocked itself and flew away. I have also seen other’s birds flying by, they must not be liking this snow, it’s supposed be spring but mother nature has other plans for today. I’m not a fan of snow, I stopped liking snow once I started getting older, because I was no longer outside playing in the snow like I used too but instead i’m usually inside trying to keep warm. It’s kinda sad when I think about it, every time snow falls I always see little kids outside playing in it, building snowman's  castles or just sledding and it always takes me back to when I was little because I used to do those exact same things too but for some reason I don’t anymore. Anyways, when I first saw it was snowing in the early afternoon I said “You gotta be kidding” I don’t want snow, I really want summer to be here, I love summer it’s my favorite season of all. But later on during the day while walking I just stopped to look at the beautiful snow outside and realized the beauty of nature. I always talk about not taking things for granted and this is what came to my mind, I was taking this view, this day for granted because I was thinking we’ll I don’t want to see snow I seen it plenty of times and i’ll see it again next winter. When suddenly a little voice inside my head told me, “This could be the last time you see a snowfall.” Then I realized it was true, I have no idea what tomorrow holds for me, for all I know this could be the last snowfall I see again. So I decided to embrace the snow and look at it’s beauty and wonder. My view from the window I am in is so beautiful and breathtaking, I can look up at the pine trees and see the snow in every branch and I can look far ahead and see all the other trees and really everything covered in snow, it looks so magical and beautiful. Anyways It was a good reminder to be reminded to not take todays beauty of snow for granted, but I sure pray this is not my last time I see snow, I have so much more to live and look forward to and would for sure love to see many but many more years of snow and hopefully play in it again, after all why should we lose that joy of being happy when we have the best thing of all and that is life. I hope all of you have a beautiful day today and enjoy everything that comes your way, while it might be a lesson or anything, just trust that today is building you up for a better tomorrow, after all today is wonderful gift your alive, breathing and here on this planet to experience life, so take care my loves, Much Love



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