So today me and my friend Kendall hung out. We hang out a lot specially during the summer because we live so close to each other. The weather was really nice outside today so we decided to go out for a walk, but first we wen't to get some Chinese food so we could eat once we got to the park and then we wen't to the Holiday gas station to buy one of those Monster Energy drinks so we could have something to drink and wake us up seem's it was around 10 AM. After we got our Energy drinks we took our walk to a near by park that we walk to when it's nice outside. It's about a 30 minute walk to get there and when we get there we usually just go on the swings and play in the park. Anyways once we got to the park we sat at a table and eat our food. Once we were done we wen't and hung out at the swings and park and took all the crazy photos you see. After we were done hanging out at the park we went to Aldies to buy some Apple Sparkling Juice and then we walked over to her place and put in the freezer so it could be cold. After that we hung out in her living room, played the computer, watched TV and then when it was getting late we took out the Sparkling Juice and mixed it with our Monster Energy Drinks and drink it all. After that around 6:30 PM I came home because the sun was going to be setting in soon.

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