So a few weeks ago May 3, Anna and me got to spend time together. I hadn't seen her for a while then so we decided to spend sometime together. Our day started around 6:30 close to 7 PM. We went out to this really cool restaurant called ‘Red Robin’ that was just really nice in the inside. It had a really cool feel to it and view from where we sat. This was my first time at 'Red Robin' also. There were a lot of old iconic posters hanging from the walls, like ‘The Brady Bunch” “Audrey Hepburn” and many more. It had great chandeliers coming down almost all the way to the table of all different shapes, sizes and colors. There was just a lot of cool things there to make the place feel nice and enjoyable. It was really big and there were a lot of people there so the seats we got towards the end of the place were nice because that’s where all the cool stuff was at. I order the “Keep It Simple” cheeseburger because it’s the one that looked good to me from the menu, the rest were a little different then the normal burgers I had before. The burger was really good, I even got one to go. When I finally my burger, one of the fries on the side was super long, it was funny at how long it was and it was the longest fried I had ever seen so far. For drinks I had the ‘Root Beer Float, It was so good, I haven’t had one in a long time and I used to love them when I was little. My friend Anna had the ‘Very Berry Raspberry Limeade’ or the ‘Freckled Lemonade’ I can’t remember. And to go I had a ‘Strawberry Milkshake’ for desert. It was all so good and yummy. After we got done eating at ‘Red Robin’ Anna and I went to the ‘Holiday’ gas station which was right behind ‘Red Robin’ and rented two movies from ‘Red Box’. We got two movies in which we both agree on, we got a comedy which was ‘The Sitter’ and a serious movie which was ‘We Bought a Zoo’ based on a true story. After we got the movies we went to Anna’s place to watch the movies on her TV. Both movies were great. We saw the serious movie first which was ‘We Bought a Zoo’ because I didn't want to end the day sad and stuff. ‘We Bought a Zoo’ was a movie based on a true story. It was about this man name Benjamin Mee who was an LA newspaper columnist and adventure writer, who had done many adventures in his career. Benjamin had just lost his wife and faced the challenges of being single parent raising two kids. Trying to find a new life he decides to buy a new home for his family to get away from the past. Benjamin and his son do not get along at all and that's what the movie kinda goes about. But anyways they decided to go house searching and they come to this place that is not only a house but a zoo. Benjamin seeing his daughter so happy decides to purchase it, even tho he has no idea how to take care of a zoo. It’s when Benjamin purchases the zoo and goes thru the challenges of keeping a zoo that him and his family finally start to understand each other and get a long. This is a great movie to watch with the family on movie nights. After we got done watching ‘We Bought a Zoo’ we watched the comedy movie ‘The Sitter’. I love comedy movies, and ‘The Sitter’ was a great movie to watch. ‘The Sitter’ is about “Noah is a suspended college student, living at home with his single mom. When he is talked into babysitting the three, young, misfit kids next door, he decides to take them along on an attempted sexual rendezvous, and the night takes a wild and dangerous turn for the worse for which he is totally unprepared” yes this is the small summary of the movie from the ‘Red Box’ site, because I tend to write really long summaries for movies as you can see. ‘The Sitter” is a great movie to watch with your friends, you will be laughing through the movie. My day with Anna ended at midnight, that’s when we got done watching both movies. I probably got home close to 1 AM the next day. Once I got home I went to bed and that was my fun, quiet day with Anna. Much Love,


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