On Wednesday May 9 and Thursday May 10, I got to hang out with my friend Kendall. Kendall and I have been bestfriends seems I was in the 7th Grade and she was in 8th but that’s not what I am going to talk about in this blog. Kendall is one of my more talkative friends, she talks to me about everything whenever she has a problem or needs someone to talk too, i’m always here for my friends. Kendall is also my more public friend as you can tell by the photos and videos. Okay now that you have a little background information about Kendall let me tell you what we did when we hung out. On Wednesday I went over to her place sometime around the afternoon. I went over to her condo which is about a 7 minute walk from where my parents live so it’s not too far away from where I live. Once I got there we went outside in her balcony, talked, watched TV, took pictures, she Skyped with a friend, blogged and then we listen to some music. While we listen to music I thought it would be fun to make a dancing video for our youtube and seems ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen was a big hit for making dancing youtube videos we decided to dance to it and Kendall really liked that song. We tested out her computer camera to make sure we were on frame and had good lightning and talked about what we should do for the video and began to dance. We made two versions of ‘Call Me Maybe’ because on the first one Kendall ahd no idea what we where doing, check out the first version here, and the second one will be up soon. After we made the two versions of “Call Me Maybe” and other random videos we did another dancing video to Kendall’s choice of song. This was the first time of me hearing this song, but I still danced to it as best as I could. I haven’t put that one out in public yet but i’ll let all of you have an exclusive look at it here before I make it public in the next couple of weeks. After that I went back to my parents house around 7 seems I had walked to Kendall’s place and it was going to be getting dark soon and I wanted to be home before the sun stared to go down. The next day, Thursday we had plan to hang out very early, but I had to change the times I could go over to her place because it was mothers day for me and I wanted to clean my parents place from top to bottom for my mom and that took a very long time. But seems it was still early and I was close to being done cleaning and we were both free I invited her out to eat Chinese Food. I order take out for the both of us and we walked back to my parents place to eat and watch TV. Once I was all done cleaning, we walked over to her place. Once we got to her place we talked and watched a documentary. A few hours later we eat the leftovers from our Chinese food while we watched the documentary and talked for a little bit. We had planned on making some more dancing videos that day but Kendall was tired so I made one by myself. After that it was getting late so I walked back home to give my mom her mothers day card and hug and that was my day dancing with Kendall, it was fun, I'm excited to see more of her this summer, Much Love


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