So today me and Anna, went to Valley Fair. We wen't there very early around 10 AM when it opens because we wanted to be there when they open and be there all they untill the closed or late afternoon. We bought our tickets at the window gate and wen't in. We were planning on staying the entire day, but Anna was not feeling good so we left early like around 12, I know $42.00 in the trash but it was understandable. We ended up going in a total of 6 rides, including one water one, and watching a movie about humans who save baby Elephants and Orangutans. They take care of them until they are old enough to be all by themselves, it was really cute and the way it was set made me feel like I was there it was full, circle screena and you could see youself moving in the seats it was an expirence like no other. Anyways after we were done with Valley Fair we went to Subway to eat and then back home. And that was my day at Valley fair today, Much Love


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