Hot or Cute?
CUTE, I am all up for cute %100 when it comes to someone I like, hot is good to look at, but hot is a thing of the past or the mind. When it comes to someone I like for a relationship it’s gotta be cute, inside and out, so adorable.

Summer or Winter?
SUMMER of course, I live in Minnesota and while winter is nice, it’s too cold and not as fun as the summer time but still nice sometimes.

Spring or Fall?
SPRING, I love to see the green grass grow and leaves and everything coming back to life. I also love that the warmer weather is coming.

Night or Day? 
DAY, I really want to say night, I really do because i’m a night person and I have more fun at night when I get to do something. But most of my everyday stuff happens during the day. I get to see and explore more during the day then night. Plus I am mostly sleeping during the night time when I have nothing to do during the night so i'm a day person.

Modeling or Acting? 
ACTING, I wanted to be an actor seems I was very little but I've always been very shy and in my teen years very insecure. I always wanted to see myself play cool characters in TV but now I also want to be on the big screen. But I love modeling just as much as acting, modeling brought me confidence and it’s something that I feel I have master at, so it no longer comes as a big challenge like it used too. I own a lot to modeling but it’s not something I wanted to do, it’s something I was told to do.

Coca Cola or Pepsi? 
PEPSI, i’m having Pepsi right now, but I had Coke a few days ago, they taste the same to me, there both good, I just choose Pepsi because i’m drinking it right now, but besides that they're both really good, give me any and i’ll drink it.

MacDonalds or Burger King? 
BURGER KING, i’ve been eating there seems I was little and every time I go there I get the same thing, a kids meal. But I also added more to my food now because a kids meal is not enough. I also eat at MacDonalds every now and then, but it's not my favorite.

Running or Biking? 
BIKING, I always loved biking seems I was very little, I haven’t biked much for years, I have actually forgotten how to ride a bike now, but I was a master at it when I was younger.

Books or Movies? 
MOVIES, don’t be silly while I do enjoy reading, movies always have my heart.

Outdoors or Indoors? 
OUTDOORS, I love nature, exploring new things and just the fresh air outside. I’m indoors a lot but outdoors is my all. 

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