So yesterday I finally got to go see the movie ‘Ted’. I really wanted to see this movie seems I first saw the commercials but I couldn't go. But yesterday after many days of planning and cancelling I go to hang out with my bestie Anna and we went to go see ‘Ted’. ‘Ted’ is a movie about a guy named John Bennett who gets a teddy bear for Christmas and one day wishes that his teddy bear would come to life and so it does. They become best friend ever since and can’t live without each other. We’ll years later they are all grown up, John is 35 and still with his bear which happens to be a very dirty, naughty bear and is causing him troubles with his relationship with his girlfriend. John can’t leave Ted so he has to choose between his bear and girlfriend and you will have to see the movie to know the rest. I would really recommend everyone to go check it out if you haven’t already, and have a fun day with your friends. Please stay safe everyone, I’m sending all of you lots of Love, ♥ 


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