So today I got to hang out with my bestie Anna Banana. It was a very humid day in Minnesota, there wasn't a lot of sun but it was just a hot afternoon. Around 7 PM Anna came over and we wen't swimming at my parents place. The water was so warm and nice, it was my first time at the pool for the summer today. I don't go swimming a lot unless I have company with me, because it's no fun swimming alone. Anyways about half an hour later it looked like it was going to rain because it was very cloudy and kinda windy. But seem's our stuff was safe from getting wet we decided to keep on swimming, after all the water was perfect and the sky looked very nice even tho it was looking like a storm was coming. A couple of minutes later the Tornado siren went off and even tho the sky looked kinda cloudy we decided to keep on swimming for a few minutes more, until one of my neighbors came over to give us a speech about how we should not be swimming when there is bad weather and the siren was going off, at least that's what I think he said I put no attention, he really needed to go back to his place and mind his own business. But Anna and me decided that it was best to get out now and go get some dinner. Once we got back inside we changed into clean clothes and went to this place called 'Crossroads Delicatessen' to eat dinner. We all got burgers and fries, my little brother came a long too. This was my first time at this restaurant even tho I live near the area and pass it all the time. It was very beautiful inside, very welcoming and quiet which was great to me. Our waitress was an old friend of ours so it was really nice to see her. And also the restaurant is own by a friend and old neighbors dad. After we got done eating Anna wen't back home because it was getting really dark and windy and it was also raining. So today was a great day, swimming and dinner was good. So anyways the photo above is Anna and me after we got done swimming. Anna is not the type of person who likes to get her photo taken at all, she's a very private person so this is a rare moment of us taking a picture together. And it is also a rare moment for me because as hard as it is to believe i'm not into sharing photos of me and my friends or family with the world. I'm a very private person when it comes to them because I'm the one who has chosen a career to be public and not them and I respect their privacy very much. Anyways I hope everyone is having a great spring, summer is coming up soon which i'm very excited about, I will let you all know what I am up to, sending lots of love to all of you, 


Anna :-)
05/29/2012 6:27am

Cute post. I had a lot of fun that day.


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