So this morning I got my hands dirty by making a home made Terrarium. I had a 'Starbucks' glass coffee bottle laying around in my room so I peel off the front and back stickers, washed it off by rubbing off all the sticky stuff leftover by the tape with a sponge and dish soap. After I washed it I went outside, collected some small rocks of all sizes, mostly medium and gently dropped them in the glass bottle. Then I dug some moist dirt from the ground and poured it inside the glass bottle, a good amount because when you water it, it will wash some of the dirt to the bottom where the rocks are. Anyways after the rocks and dirt, I got some green moss, grass, and some small plants that where in the ground. I put the long plants in first and then dropped some more dirt in. And then I put the grass and small plants towards the sides of the glass bottle, not in the center but the sides. After I had planted the plants and grass, I added the moss on top being very careful not to cover the plants. Moss is great to work with because you can use small pieces and still make it look great once it's all cover. I used a long stick to help me place and move some of the things in there. After I was all done with the outside things I cam back indoors, washed my hands and got one of my little toys that where on my desk that you get in the .50 cent machines at stores and dropped it and carefully placed it where it looked good. Then I added water carefully, all around until it filled the bottom part where the rocks are. After that I was all done and I placed it on my window, but you can placed them anywhere in the house. All of this took me about 15 minutes and it was a really fun project for me. Much Love 


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