So yesterday morning I got the chance to hang out with my bestie Anna. She asked me If I wanted to hang out and go mothers day shopping with her and seem's I was free and had nothing to do at that time I tag along of course. I always enjoy seeing Anna, I don't get to see her as much as I used too in High School, but when ever I do we always do something fun. But anyways our first stop was at Costco for her grocery shopping, and after that was done we went to eat at 'Arby's'. This was my first time going to 'Arby's' even tho I pass 'Arby's' all time I never actually put a foot in there. My parents always told me it was nasty and all there burgers where made out of Ham when I was little so I really never had an interest in going there to eat. But anyways I was really excited to go just because Anna told me there curly fries where amazing so I really wanted to try them. Anna and me both got the same thing, 'A Pecan Salad' except her was in a sandwich and my was in a wrap, and some curly fries with a drink. Okay when I heard salad I though it was going to be chicken, with some lattice and ranch, but it had fruits in them and that was my own fault because I din't look at it carefully, but it was still good, not great but okay, it was too sweet. I eat about half of it and most of the curly fries before I was full. I get full really easily because I drink a lot of pop. I had a total of 2 medium drinks while I was there and a refill to go. Even tho I din't eat the whole thing I threw it away, I don't know why but I always ask for a bag or something to bring the rest home because I get hungry easily and also I just don't feel good throwing food away. Not because I can't afford it, just because it just doesn't feel right to me, so I have no idea why I threw it away. But anyways I have to say I would go back again and try something else, there curly fries where really good and next time I will be more careful in ordering. And also the inside of 'Arby's' was really relaxing and cool, it's a great place to eat and be calm. After we got done with 'Arby's' we went to 'Target' for mothers day shopping. I got my mom a mothers day card that says "It's Mother's Day, Mom, And Today You're The Center Of Attention" on the front and when you open it up it reads "Just Watch Out For The Paparazzi." and some paparazzi cartoons pop up with cameras that light up and says somethings about being mother of the year. The reason I choose this card is of course she's always mother of the year and her son has choose a career where the paparazzi are always following you and your family. But I do have to say my mom is not into the fame or pictures, she's very private so I don't see the paparazzi ever bugging her for things, and if they do i'll take care of them not in a good way tho. But besides the card I also got 2 maracas that are candy so I will be eating them soon and a Lavender spray that I'm really excited about because Lavender helps me relax. And after Target my day with Anna was over and wen't back to my normal everyday things. It was a good day, being with my friends always makes my day fun. I can't wait to hang out with her this summer, we might go Valley Fair for their water park, or the Water Park of America. I haven't gone to a water park in ages and when I mean ages I mean like elementary days. Anyways I'm sending love to all of you, much Love -Jorge

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