So on Sunday June 10th, Anna and me went to see ‘Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted’ in 3D. But before we went to see the movie we went to the public library. Our plan was too go see the movie first and then go to ‘Wendy’s’ to eat. But seems we weren’t gonna make it in time, we went to the public library to relax, check for new movie times and just to keep cool because it was so but so hot that day, there was no wind at all, it was just hot and dry. Anyways we stayed in the library for about an hour, and did nothing. I took photos and was all over the place like always that's how I am. After about an hour or so we went out to ‘Wendy’s’ to eat. I got a burger, fries and a large drink of course. This was my second time to ‘Wendy’s’ by the way. After we got done eating around 2:00 PM, we went to the theater, to see ‘Madagascar 3’. We got there a little early because we wanted to get the good seats and also my friend Anna didn't want to be sitting by little kids, because they always talk during movies, seems they have lots of questions. I really can’t remember seeing ‘Madagascar 1 and 2, but I know I seen them before on TV and I own them in DVD I just don't know where they are at. I really liked this new movie tho, it was funny, fun to watch and entertaining. Plus we got to see it in 3D and the highest quality and sound so everything was great, I really liked it. The movie was about Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo, and Melman the Giraffe, trying to get back to New York, to the zoo where they belong, but end up in Europe instead. Once they get to Europe they go to find the penguins at a Casino and it’s there where they start the drama. The owners of the casino call animal control to come catch these animals and the lady of animal control wanting a Lion head for her office display does everything she can to catch Alex and his friends. Alex and his friends find a circus and join, pretending to be circus animals so they can escape animal control. Alex and his friends reinvent the circus and you have to see to find out what goes on. Anyways I really liked this movie and would really recommend it to everyone to go see sometime and have fun. Thank you Anna for inviting me, I had a lot of fun. Much Love Everyone,


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