So today me and my bestie Anna got to hang out. We wen't out to eat at Subway so we could talk for a little bit. We talked about what was going on, she had some personal things to tell me and as a friend of course I was there for her. After we were done eating at Subway and wen't out we where attack by a ton of little bugs flying around in the lights of the tanning salon next to Subway and where her car was parked. And seem's I had brought my digital camera I made use of it and took just this photo of the bugs while they attacked me, because they where everywhere not just up in the lights. Anyways after we go out of the mess of all the bugs we wen't to Byerly's only to get attack by more bugs as we went in. We wen't over to Byerly's because Anna wanted to get some candy. She got a few packs of candy and I only got some one and those where Snickers because I did not want to spend a lot of money on candy. After we got done at Byerly's and wen't out of the store to get attack by bugs again and then she drove me home. And that was my day with Anna and getting bugs everywhere, Much Love


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