Taken: 6/10/2012
It’s crazy how fast time goes by, I say this a lot, but it’s simply because it’s true. The month of June held so many exciting things for me, here are so of the things I did in June. I shaved my head once again, I went to see ‘Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted’ with my bestie Anna. I went out to eat with friends and family, watched a couple of DVD movies (mostly to study the characters), and I started my summer reading. I also began doing some more relaxing exercises, and started writing some songs. I never write my songs down when I’m inspired, but decided to do so, because maybe one day I could write an amazing song down, but who knows, I do it for fun, but song writing is not what I’m going for. I also took a bunch of cool photos of nature, it’s summer so everything is green and beautiful in Minnesota. And so for the last day of June, I went shopping with my parents and out to eat and that’s what I did for the last day of June, Much Love


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