So yesterday I went with my bestie Anna to get her first fish ever. I know I was shocked that she has never had a fish before, but any how she asked me to go along with her to help her out seem's I have pet fish. Once we got to Pet Smart we looked at fish and the she found someone to help her out with choosing a fish and how set up an aquarium. She probably took 30 Minutes to an hour talking with the people who worked there to help her with her fish. During this time I was looking at books about birds and looking at all the animals they sell there. About half an hour later she had chosen her fish and gotten all the facts on how to care for it and things like that. She ended up getting a beta fish, who she named "BILL". Then we went to her house and I helped her set up the aquarium and decorate it. After we where done with the fish stuff we watched some TV and then I came home. Now today I wen't over to help her put the fish in, she was really nervous of doing it by herself so I went to help. It took less the 5 seconds to dump the fish in and feed it and just let it be a fish. After we where all done with her fish we wen't out to eat at Wendy's and then I came home. And that was my day with helping Anna get her first fish ever, Much Love


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