So it is the end of the month of July and for my last day of the month, I hung out with my bestie Anna. We went out to lunch at DQ where we eat and had some ice cream of course, and talked for the entire time. The people at DQ where very kind, which always makes my day to meet kind people, so that was great. It was also a very beautiful day outside, so we sat outside to enjoy our food. After we stayed at DQ for about an hour or more talking I came home, and that was my last day of July, it was a very beautiful day to be outside and enjoy some ice cream. Much Love,

So I stared watching a lot of movies recently, mostly to study the scenes between characters and get ideas for different characters and things, and of course to be entertainer when I'm bored. I though it would be cool to keep track of all the movies I see in the month and here are all the one's I saw for this month of July. Much Love 

-Bee Movie
-The Brady Bunch, In The White House
-She Gets What She Wants
-Dumb and Dumberer When Harry Met Lloyd
-The Brady Bunch Movie
-Disney’s Tower Of Terror
-16 Wishes
-Corpse Bride 

-The Proud Family Movie
-Sleeping Beauty
-Just My Luck
-Finding Nemo
-Were Not Married
-The Dark Knight Rises
-21 Jump Street   




So yesterday I finally got to go see the movie ‘Ted’. I really wanted to see this movie seems I first saw the commercials but I couldn't go. But yesterday after many days of planning and cancelling I go to hang out with my bestie Anna and we went to go see ‘Ted’. ‘Ted’ is a movie about a guy named John Bennett who gets a teddy bear for Christmas and one day wishes that his teddy bear would come to life and so it does. They become best friend ever since and can’t live without each other. We’ll years later they are all grown up, John is 35 and still with his bear which happens to be a very dirty, naughty bear and is causing him troubles with his relationship with his girlfriend. John can’t leave Ted so he has to choose between his bear and girlfriend and you will have to see the movie to know the rest. I would really recommend everyone to go check it out if you haven’t already, and have a fun day with your friends. Please stay safe everyone, I’m sending all of you lots of Love, ♥ 

So I just got done watching ‘Finding Nemo’ and this is the first time I seen this movie in years. I really can’t remember the last time I watched ‘Finding Nemo’ but what I do know is that this movie holds some very special memories in my heart. ‘Finding Nemo’ was the first movie I got to see in a movie theater. I remember walking into the dark, big movie theater and sitting down and seeing the big screen up there. I never seen a screen so big before, the pictures were so clear and the sound was amazing. It was truly a magical and exciting feeling for me to be in that theatre for the first time. I remember the day, my friend mom Victoria took us to see ‘Finding Nemo’ one day, first we went to McDonalds where they were giving away ‘Finding Nemo’ toys to celebrate the release of the movie in their kids meals. I remember getting Nemo’s dad Marlin. I also remember Cory and Squirt, I think my sister got Cory and my friend got Squirt but I don’t know. After we were done eating, we went to the movie theater which was like right next to the McDonalds, I have no idea the location of the theater but I just remember a McDonalds being by it. Besides the movie theater experience, I also got ‘Finding Nemo’ on DVD for Christmas along with a DVD player so ‘Finding Nemo’ was my first DVD ever. I love ‘Finding Nemo’ it’s by far one of my all time favorite movies and holds some very special memories in my heart of my childhood, I can’t wait for the 2nd movie to come out in 2016, I hope to have the opportunity to watch it. I know this is going to be very exciting for all of you who saw it when you where a kid because many of you will have your own kids by then and will have the opportunity to take them see this new 'Finding Nemo 2' movie and create special memories together while living some childhood memories of your own from seeing this as a kid. I can’t wait to see it and what it is about, sending all of you lots of love, I LOVE YOU,

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share this photo that I took of a sticky note that I made today to put on my wall that says 'Believe'. I made it to remind me to always believe in myself and that anything is possible when you believe. It's a little reminder for me to believe that anything is possible. I put the sticky note on my wall so I can see it and remind myself to always believe. I'm a strong believer that in order to make your dreams come true you have to believe that you can do anything first, because if you don't believe then there is no way your going to make your dream come true, it just doesn't work. You have to believe that whatever you want you can have. So make sticky notes of cool reminders and put them on your walls where you will always see them and when you see them believe that you can have them with all your heart. "If you can dream it, and believe it, you can make it happen." Much Love ♥

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share with all of you the photos I took on June 10th, while I was at the library with my friend Anna. These are the black and white versions, I hope you like them, and please don't steal them, Thank You. Much Love,

Happy Fourth Of July, Everyone! 
Taken: 7/1/2012
It’s the beginning of a new month and for me it’s the beginning of a new, fresh, clean start to new and exciting things. The start of the new month was very hot, the sky in the afternoon was a sort of pinkish/purple color and it was just a very hot day to be outside. The first thing I did in the afternoon was clean up, so I could start July with a nice clean place to relax and get things done. I took a couple of hours to clean up everything from wiping everything, to moving things around and just cleaning up and making everything look new and different. After I was done cleaning at night, I layed down on the floor and relax for a few minutes, and then took a shower and went to bed. That’s what I did to start out the new month of July, much Love