It’s also very important for me to say before I finish this, that i’m very human, I make a lot of mistakes, i’m not perfect, I do things i’m not always proud off, but I have no regrets because the only way I would have any regrets is if I didn't learn from my mistakes. I believe everything that has happen in my life has built me up to the person I am today, we must learn from our mistakes, and learn the lessons life has given us to make us better persons. Life is too short to be mad, angry, sad and depress, enjoy life, life is meant to be enjoy so stop worrying because in the end everybody dies, and we take nothing with us. Before I sign off, I must also let you know obviously this not everything about me, and I probably made a lot of spelling errors, I tend to do that a lot, it’s my weakness, so if you come across many of them sorry, and get over it. Also I might and I know I will repeat some of things I talked about in here every now and then, but it might be different, instead of a small sentence or something. We’ll I don’t know, we will see but for now I am off, I got lots to do, sending lots of love to all of you, take care and much love, 


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