I’m very supportive of my friends dreams, I try to encourage and support them as much as possible. I honestly really want to see all of my friends shine and accomplish their dreams because I know they can. They have been so supportive of my dreams that I can’t even thank them enough. And not only my friends dreams but my schoolmates dreams, i’m a strong believer that nothing is impossible and having seen many of these people grow I know they can do great things but that’s up to them. Okay now let's talk about something else and different how about some fun facts about me. The one thing I have to have every morning to drink is coffee. I’ve been drinking coffee for a very long time, I went hard when I was in 7th Grade. I got my first small coffee pot machine at that time and I would have the whole jar. It held about 4-6 cups, and once that jar was done I made more, I was obsessed and still am today, maybe that’s why I didn't grow so tall huh? The sad part is I tend to have coffee during the night time and that's not good because when you're really tired and all you want to do is sleep but can’t because of the coffee it makes you go mad. Whenever I go to the movie theater to watch a movie, I sit there and as weird as this might sound I feel the character's energy and I usually end up being really mad, but I also sit there and act out the character by opening my mouth like i’m talking and making faces expressions. Now don’t be thinking i’m putting on a show there if you where to see me in a movie theater I would  look very normal and calm, even ask my friend Anna, we go to the movies a lot. Every movie I seen in theaters so far has been really good, and loved it. One thing that I find really interesting about me is that once I seen a movie once I can’t watch it again because it’s not interesting to me, so I might watch them again in a couple of years and if I do I need to watch them in small parts and take breaks because I get bored. One of the things I really want to do someday is swim with the dolphins, hopefully soon I will. A Lot of people have told me I would make a good talk show host and that’s something I want to do someday but not anytime soon, but I would need a lot of work on my voice because I mumble when I talk. When I was little in about Kindergarten I would eat glue, it was so tasty. The first DVD I got was “Finding Nemo” and the first movie I saw in theaters was “Finding Nemo” and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I was not raised to believe in Santa Claus, and I never did. I really love animals, I was raised around animals in somewhat a farm. I have a scar on my right cheek from a dog that bit me. I have a scar on my head, because I fell off the bed and cracked my head open in the cement floor. I have a scar on my right eyebrow because I went on vacation with my grandma when I was little and while I was swimming on the pool I went up and hit my eyebrow on a cement slide that was under there. I have a scar on my ear and another small one in one of my cheeks because when I was little I was getting chased by my cousins and I was caught by clothes hanging wires and it ripped half of my year off and it caught a deep wound in my cheek. Just thinking about it makes me cringe. Another thing but I have no scar is when I was little I jumped and a super large nail went all the way inside my foot making a hole in it, which has thankfully heal, also that story makes me shiver. The first movie I fell in love with was “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”. My first favorite singer was Britney Spears my friends were obsessed with her. My favorite body part are my eyes, and my lips, they helped get over my insecurities by focusing on something I liked, try it sometime, don’t focus on your flaws but your favorite part of your body, we all have one. When I was little people used to call me “Titeret” which means puppet, because I was really skinny. In 9th Grade I created a dumb character for me because I thought it was cute, everyone bought it in High School. I still have the same crush on the same person I lay eyes on in 7th Grade, love at first sight. I have no baby pictures which is funny because I have like a million of me now. The first big book I read was “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” that was with audio, and the second I read by myself that was big was “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, I finish that in a week or 2. The last book I read was Modelland by Tyra Banks. The talent I wish I had but I don’t is singing and drawing, I love art some of my really good friends are amazing painters who are very talented and I’m their biggest fan. I also love singing but I don’t have the voice, but that doesn't stop me from singing like no one was listening.   


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